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Grass valley concrete 60x40x10cm

This grass valley in concrete in size 60x40x10 cm provides a durable paving without disturbing the grass vegetation. The spacious openings leave room for the greenery and ensure good water permeability. For optimal water permeability, the cavities are filled with a minimum 1-3 or 2-5mm split. In addition, this grass valley has spacers to facilitate placement and meets BENOR quality requirements.
SKU: 172115
M²/ST 0.24
ST/M² 4.17
Aantal per pallet 32 ST
EAN code 5411382721158
PAL (7.67 M²) = €14.08 / M² = €108.05 x PAL
ST (0.24 M²) = €16.58 / M² = €3.98 x ST